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 Our organization's members originate from a variety of backgrounds, but they are all united under the goals and values of UWCA.

Gregorius Hanzel

Associate Director

Hanzel is a senior studying finance and information systems. As an Associate Director of UWCA, he is passionate about mentoring through engagements and case interview preparation. Outside of the club,  he has a passion for Corporate Finance and Data Analytics with previous internships in various  investments role and capacity.

Elizabeth Lande

Associate Director

Ellie is a sophomore planning to major in finance and minor in scandinavian studies. Her work in UWCA is both internal and external. She participated in this year’s Unite Foster Case Competition -- representing UWCA -- and next year, she will help organize it. She is also the manager for the Insights Program, which publishes in-depth business articles while improving its participants' critical thinking and writing skills.

The Executive Team

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Yash Savla

Senior Managing Director

Yash a Junior, studying Finance with a minor in Philosophy. As the Senior Managing Director, Yash is responsible for developing UWCA’s organizational strategy and coordinating operations across departments. Last summer, Yash worked as a Summer Associate at BCG. 

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Jorge Riancho

Managing Director of External Affairs

Jorge is a Senior at the University of Washington studying Civil Engineering. As the Managing Director of External Affairs, he looks forward to overseeing UWCA engagements and sourcing clients for future engagements. After graduation, Jorge will be working as an Analyst at BlackRock in the Renewable Power Group.

Tara Manhas

Associate Director

Tara is a Junior studying Marketing Analytics and minoring in Informatics. She looks forward to focusing on growing UWCA's social media presence, creating a shared drive with resources for members, and updating members on internship opportunities. Over the summer, Tara worked as a Consulting Development Analyst for Accenture.

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Allie Lee

Associate Director

Allie is a Sophomore studying Finance with a minor in Spanish. She will be overseeing our quarterly engagements, client sourcing, and workshops. Allie will be working as a Summer Associate at BCG this summer.

Camden Kaminsky

Associate Director

Camden is a sophomore studying Finance and Information Systems. He will be working on recruiting, further developing UWCA's PIVOT program, and club marketing. Camden will be working at Bain & Company as an Associate Consultant Intern this summer.

Marius Rakickas

Associate Director

Marius is a sophomore studying Finance and Economics. Marius plans to continue developing UWCA's ACE program, social events, and club marketing. Marius will be working at Bain & Company as an Associate Consultant Intern this summer.

Engagement Managers


Zachary Goo

Engagement Manager

Zachary is a Sophomore studying Finance and Marketing. He is the engagement manager for this quarter's engagement with Headspin. 

Our engagement teams work on challenging problems for clients ranging from local startups to Fortune 500 companies.

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Tara Manhas

Engagement Manager

Tara is a Junior studying Marketing with a minor in Informatics. She is the engagement manager for this quarter's engagement with Particle. 

Skylar Becerra

Associate Director

Skylar is a junior studying marketing and finance. She is excited to work both internally and externally as an Associate Director this year. Internally, she will have a focus on the Case Buddies and Mentorship program. Externally, she will focus on the organization of the Unite Foster Case Competition along with general efforts to support UWCA.



Antoine Facon
Calvin Jensen
Jay Lakhani
Jorge Riancho
Katherine Wilton
Manisha Srivatsan
Mariana Salazar
Michael O'Hanlon


Allie Lee
Alyssa Winterbauer

Camden Kaminsky
Carter Hsu
Connor White
Daria Oviatt
Drew Blik

Edison Wong
Elizabeth Lande
Jesslyn Tilon
Jordan Kauffman
Joseph Nazareno
Kabir Kalra
Katelyn Shelby
Kristen Ishizuka
Luke Boyer

Marius Rakickas
Raj Lakhani
Ryan Breuer
Tara Manhas
Thomas Lee
TJ Oliver
Tyler Tarrico
Vrishank Angadi
Yash Savla


Aaron Mackey
Aidan Hong
Amanda Song
Benedict Wang
David Song
Justin Shen
Mason Ciolli
McKenna Nelson
Momina Naushab
Pranati Dani
Preyal Garg
Ria Patel
Ryan Patterson
Silke Caeneghem
Tania Malik
Zachary Goo


Ace Jacobs
Aishwarya Rajaram
Rishi Chilamcharla
Tanush Yadav
Yufei Zhang
Zane Godil

Antoine Facon

Managing Director of Internal Affairs

Antoine is a Senior studying Finance and Information Systems. He will be working on preparing members recruitment through ACE, upskilling through biweekly workshops, and improving student body and firm awareness of UWCA. After graduation, Antoine will be working as an Analyst at Accenture Strategy's New York office.

Hover over each photo to learn more about each member of the team!



Alex LaFleur

Arun Solanky

Dylan Hylander

Everett Buck

Felicia Yan

Gregorius Hanzel

Kenyon Schultz

Mac Anderson

Megan Chen

Ryan Sorensson

Shruthi Raj

Spriha Kejriwal

Tiffani Pham

Tiffany Tian

Zerabruk Abraham



Olivia Battison

Scott Elder

Thomas Fahlman

Greyson Fields

Emily Kargl

Ian Klimisch 

Wilton Sutardi

Ahlam Nur

Beneyam Mesele

Christina Tsai

Abdullah Al Farsi

Michael Catton

Jonathan Chang

Lela Cooper

Colman Entringer

Dominik Gorecki

Spencer Hammond

Andrew Holt

Evelyn Hyde

Adil Islam

Thomas Kobuke

Lester Koh

Zac Lim

James Lin

Jack Nemiroff

Nicholas Nordlie

Adam Norgaard

Richard Perry

Emma Petrin

Uyen Ta

Sam V.

Zach W.

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