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Hey! You aren't supposed to be here!


...Or are you?

Well, I suppose you have to have access to the UWCA website account if you're seeing this, so welcome to the super secret cheat sheet for the inner workings of this site. Exciting, right?

Basically, the purpose of this hidden page is to provide directions and notes on how to handle the website, where things are hidden, and more. I (the previous website manager) set the website up in a way that might be frustrating to edit in certain areas if I don't provide some extra notes, so this is the page for that.

Of course, you're welcome to edit the site as you see fit. This guide is just to get you started with working with what's here. It's not mine anymore. But it isn't yours either. Make sure changes you make jive with the exec board.

This page is supposed to stay hidden! Don't set it to "show" or any of that funny business. If you're looking for something specific in the guide, ctrl+f and type in a keyword. I didn't want to make a thousand anchors for this.

I think that's all. So here's the guide. Good luck!


In my experience, WIX is pretty intuitive. And I would rather not make this guide a WIX tutorial, as other people have done it more in depth and better than I have. You shouldn't have a problem learning it. But if you're struggling to get a start on it, I would just Google some tutorials.

Overall, I would suggest just playing with it and learning as you go, and if you're stuck on something, Google it. I know I had to a few times.


Here's a color guide to the text on this website. The presets should already be in your theme colors.

Page Headings

(Raleway, 60pt, #FFFFFF/Pure white)

Page Subtitles

(HK Grotesk Semi Bold, 18pt, #FFFFFF/Pure white)

Titles/ General Headings

(HK Grotesk Semi Bold, 42pt, #000000/Pure black)

Subtitles and General Text

(Open Sans Light, 18pt, #555555/Second to last on the first color swatch line)

Highlighted Text

(Open Sans Light, 18pt, #70AD47/The middle green in the only green color swatch line)

And if the background is black, all text is white. Highlighted text is okay to stay green as long as you can see it. If not, stick with white.

There are some exceptions, such as the Home page slideshow. In other words, you are welcome deviate from this in special situations; this is just the general rule.


In general, here's how the spacing is supposed to be. All measurements in pixels (except for the tick marks one sorry).

Spacing Guide 1.png
Spacing Guide 2.png

Again, these differ in special cases. And if you can't get it just right, copying and pasting or nudging with the arrow keys works (although after nudging you'll have to check your work afterwards). You can check the spacing by looking at the x and y coordinates when you begin moving an item.


The Members page probably has the most frustrating tech so it gets its own section!

To edit the text in the hover boxes, click on the appropriate photo, and then select the hover box option.

The hover boxes for the executive team as well as the hover circles for the committee members can occasionally break (the former more than the latter). In order to fix this, there is another hidden draft of this page to conserve the working version. I would delete the broken box and then copy and paste the stuff from that page if the live version breaks.

After copying and pasting, the hover container box will likely disappear behind everything else on the page. Just right click on where you think it is, select "overlapping items" and select the container box. After that, move it to a white space where it won't disappear behind other things. Finally, I would hover the box over the appropriate officer until the prompt to "attach to column" appears. Then it should work.

If not, you gotta keep deconstructing it to work. I had to start from scratch when we got a new officer team.

For the mobile version, the hover boxes do not work (obviously). I had to create similar boxes that are visible without hovering on the desktop version and I had to move them over the officer photos in the mobile version.

But where are they in the desktop version? They're behind the CORE MEMBERS strip. Just move your cursor around and you'll see some outlines of them there. They are absolutely not visible on the live site so don't worry about that.

If you need to edit text on the officer boxes, edit it on the hover boxes, as well as on the boxes behind the CORE MEMBERS strip. Just move the strip temporarily, edit the text, and then put it back. This will update the text on the mobile version.


A couple of other pointers:


If you run out of job postings (they all expire) on the Career page, then I would suggest making a copy of the page that's hidden so you don't have to reinstall the repeater when more postings come in (just copy and paste it in). Then I would update the live site by deleting the repeater on the live page and replacing it with text that says there's nothing currently.

The calendars may break if you mess with them (copying and pasting). Click on the calendar, select settings, select calendars, and make sure the appropriate boxes are ticked.


The Past Work & Testimonials page is comprised of slideshows. Make sure that the headings aren't attached to the slideshows or they'll disappear. In addition to this, if you have engagement photos, you may have to resize them in a photo editing software. The spacing between slideshows aren't very consistent; it depends on the company's logo. If you need to make a new one, I would suggest copying and pasting a preexisting one and editing it.

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