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We know your time is valuable. That's why we're the consulting club that actively invests in your career. 


Ever since our founding in 2018, we have been providing students with every opportunity they need to break into the consulting industry. Though we are based out of the Foster School of Business, we pride ourselves on being a diverse group of students from varied majors and backgrounds.


Our full-service organization hosts top firms like McKinsey and Co., provides industry standard training in crucial fields, connects students to high-performing peers and alumni, and enables students to gain hands-on experience in the consulting field.

It is our job to teach eager students about consulting, equip our members with valuable skills and opportunities to enter into the industry, represent the University of Washington and its students in the professional world of engagements, and to serve firms and students to the best of our ability.

In order to accomplish these goals, there are a number of things we strive to do for our members.


Here are all of the services that we provide to our members.


We bring in top consulting firms like McKinsey, Deloitte, and Accenture to give our members a better sense of how to get the jobs they want – And how to succeed once they have them.

We talk about trends in the consulting industry and keep our people up-to-date about what they want out of their career paths.

We make sure that our members have the skills that consulting firms are looking for, whether they’re technical, qualitative, or anywhere in between.


We offer our students the opportunity to work with real businesses, with real stakes, in real time. The only way to know whether you want to work in consulting is to try it - so our members have that opportunity.


Each engagement team will be composed of 3 - 4 Analysts who will do most of the research and deliverable work in conjunction with the client and leadership.

More experienced members can help lead the consulting project and develop a close relationship with the client, gaining unparalleled leadership experience.


For our younger members, we’ve constructed PIVOT (Professional Improvement and Versatility Opportunity Team), an all-inclusive mentorship program which helps our members join our community and build the skills they need through case competitions.

We connect older members with UW alumni in the consulting industry, enabling them to start building the professional networks they’ll need.

We host case competitions and help our members form case teams so that they can hone their consulting skills on the field of competition.


We host various meetings and events aimed at peer-to-peer networking. We know that nobody succeeds alone – but you’re a part of the UWCA community now.

We work with Foster and other RSOs to enable our members to be a part of a community that’s larger than what UWCA can provide on its own. We don’t have any intention of being a city on a hill.


We provide some public resources for non-members to get an idea of the materials we have to offer.

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