We know your time is valuable: That's why we're the consulting club that actively invests in your career. 


Our peer-to-peer and alumni mentorship programs ensure that whether you're about to graduate or you're just starting, you'll meet the people you need to know to be successful in UWCA.  


We know that it's hard to feel ready for your first job, your first internship, or your first engagement. That's why we invest in our members skills and knowledge - making sure that every UWCA member is ready for the job on day one.


We bring in consultants from top companies like McKinsey and Co., Boston Consulting Group, and Deloitte to give our core members the information and connections they need to get a job.



We offer our students the opportunity to work with real businesses, with real stakes, in real time. The only way to know whether you want to work in consulting is to try it - so our members have that opportunity.

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