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Want to become a part of UWCA? Check out how to apply below!

How to Join

Joining UWCA is a significant commitment, and we expect that prospective members will be willing and able to commit several hours to the club each week.

Consequently, we extensively vet new members before offering admission to our organization. When you join UWCA, you can be confident you're joining a group of the most highly motivated, highly talented, and high-performing students at the University of Washington. 

Our recruitment cycle happens on a quarterly basis. Applications for the Spring 2023 are now open and will close on Thursday, April 6th at 11:59 PM PT. To receive information regarding this upcoming application cycle, please fill out the interest form below.


Joining UWCA mirrors the recruitment process for consulting internships and full time positions. Prospective members will begin by filling out a written application, followed by a 30-minute interview that consists of behavioral questions. If selected for a final interview, applicants will have approximately 48 hours to produce a brief presentation.

Written Application

We ask that all prospective UWCA members complete a written application explaining their interest and qualifications in consulting and UWCA. Be genuine! We want to understand why you're here.

Behavioral Interview

Help us get to know you! UWCA is extremely focused on building a tight-knit student community and we want to understand how you'd contribute to that goal and how UWCA can help you reach your career goals.

Final Case

Don't be intimidated by the case component of the process. Applicants are not expected to be familiar with the consulting-style case process, we want to see your thought process in tackling business problems. 

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