Want to become a part of UWCA? Check out how to apply below!

How to Join

UWCA recruits new members two times a year:  Fall and Winter quarter. Fall applications for are now open.


Joining UWCA is a significant commitment, and we expect that prospective members will be willing and able to commit several hours to the club each week.

Consequently, we extensively vet new members before offering admission to our organization. When you join UWCA, you can be confident you're joining a group of the most highly motivated, highly talented, and high-performing students at the University of Washington. 


We do not ask freshmen or sophomores to complete case interviews as a part of the application process. Please refer to our FAQ for more details on membership and joining.

Applications will close on Friday 10.15.2021


Joining UWCA mirrors the recruitment process for consulting internships and full time positions. It's our hope the process will prepare you better to enter the consulting industry.  

Written Application

We ask that all prospective UWCA members complete a written application explaining their interest and qualifications in consulting and UWCA. Be genuine! We want to understand why you're here.

Case Interview

A crucial part of the consulting recruitment process is the case interview. Since a core UWCA focus is preparing members for recruitment, we expect prospective candidates to be comfortable with a basic case interview format.

Behavioral Interview

Help us get to know you! UWCA is extremely focused on building a tight-knit student community and we want to understand how you'd contribute to that goal. We'll ask you to explain to use why you care about consulting and, more specifically, UWCA.