Q: Do I have to be a Business major to join UWCA?

A: No, we're open to all undergrads at the University of Washington. In fact, being a business major isn't an advantage! Many members - including a former president - have been non-business majors. Consulting firms also do not prefer any specific degree - anyone, with any degree, can be successful in the consulting industry

Q: What does the time commitment look like?

A: Joining UWCA is a serious commitment and we expect members to treat it as such. New members will be expected to participate in our mentorship program and networking activities as well as attending our weekly meetings. On average, we expect members to spend up to 3-4 hours per week on UWCA activities. 

Q: I want to get experience. How do I get involved with an engagement?

A:  Working on a client engagement is a huge responsibility since student consultants are representing both the University of Washington and UWCA. Because of this, we're required to have an additional application process before we approve members to work with clients once you're in UWCA.


Q: I'm already in another consulting club. Can I join UWCA?

A: Usually, yes. Some other consulting clubs have non-compete agreements as a condition of membership - that means they forbid you from working on any consulting work for another club. UWCA does not have any non-compete requirements. If you want to consult with BIG, Rho Consulting, or another group we'll always support your decision.      

Q: I'm already in another consulting club. Why should I join UWCA?

A: We have immense respect for all of our peers in the other UW consulting clubs. They all add a lot of value and we'd encourage you to join any of them. However, we think that UWCA's offering is different. We feel that none of the other consulting clubs share our focus on professional development, networking, mentorship, connecting with employers, or our model for our engagements. UWCA will have more to offer you, if fact, if you're already involved in consulting. 



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