All UWCA members gain access to our extensive archive of case interview questions, the UWCA Resume Book, and more. 

Public Resources

The resources we have for non-members can also be useful to members of UWCA.

Sample Cases

We have an extremely extensive collection of up-to-date case interview questions. 

Resume Help

UWCA members can access consulting-specific resume resources at any time. 

Slide Templates

UWCA members can use UWCA's custom templates for case competitions, classes, or work. 

Coffee Chats

Our officers are happy to set up a time to give advice about consulting and share their experiences.

Attendance Sheet

Check how many meetings you've attended. UWCA members must attend 7 meetings this quarter.



This calendar covers all UWCA events and deadlines throughout the quarter. Please reach out to us if you find any errors or discrepancies. 

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