Business Conference


UWCA offers our members the ability to get hands-on experience in the consulting industry while giving back to the community. Members can apply to work on an intense 10-week strategy project, supported by professional mentors and UW faculty, generating actionable, detailed solutions for improving our clients' businesses. 

Our consulting teams are composed of 4-5 analysts led by an experienced student project manager. Projects typically last 8-10 weeks, though timelines are flexible based on client needs. Our expectation is that each member spends a minimum of 8 hours per week on the project, with the expectation that our team produces more, and better work than a full-time intern could. We have rigorous quality control processes - each deliverable is vetted by a UW business professor as well as by professional consultants from firms like Accenture. 

Interviews are conducted on a rolling basis. We encourage candidates to apply as early as possible to ensure that they are considered. 

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